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About Me

As a father of four kids, I’ve been firmly entrenched in the #DadLife for some time now. My wife and I have both always worked full-time while managing the schedules and needs of four children 10 and under and one crazy dog named Sandy. With no family nearby and no hired help, our daily routine has been a balancing act which closely resembles juggling chainsaws, as other folks in similar situations can likely attest.

In the summer of 2018, my wife took an exciting new opportunity, which meant more frequent travel and spending one day a week traveling back and forth between Boston and NYC. This quickly ratcheted things up a notch and we transitioned to a routine of juggling flaming chainsaws. My stress level rose, my frustration tolerance decreased and what was already a tenuous balancing act no longer felt sustainable. I decided to take a step back in my career as a marketing executive to enable me to be more present at home, both physically and mentally. I’ve been talking for years about creating this blog to share my #DadLife stories. This seemed like an opportune time to bring the site to fruition. So….here we are.

We live in the suburbs of Boston. When not in school or at work, we can usually be found at one of our town fields or courts – where our kids play soccer, baseball, basketball, and flag football – or at piano or drumming. As a tech-savvy digital marketer, I also enjoy taking new gadgets and platforms for test drives with the help of the kids. Want a peek at our special brand of crazy? Check out the video below for some highlights.

This blog is a vehicle for me to share my family’s story, including my struggle to balance career and family, and also a way for me to connect with other parents.

Want to connect with me? @ me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (I’m @DadLifeStories in all three places), reach out through my contact page or shoot me an email via DadLifeStories at Gmail dot com.

Meet the #CutlerCrew

Our family is always on the move. The kids are either testing the structural integrity of the house, running around a court or field in a uniform, or playing with four-legged friends at the dog park. Watch this video to get a glimpse into the Cutler action.